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Site Assessments and Professional Geologist

Owning a fuel or chemical storage tank can be a difficult undertaking in light of strict regulations and and monitoring requirments. ECS has extensive experience in all facets of underground and above-ground storage tank systems including the installations, retrofits, removal, monitoring, and regulatory compliance. Let our years of experience bear the burden for you!

Removal and Abandonment

ECS has taken the task of tank removal from the days of the "tank yank" by unqualified, inexperienced construction workers to a precision operation conducted by fully-qualified OSHA-trained employees with multi-state certifications. Efficient work by qualified workers with knowledge of the state’s regulations helps minimize the cost associated with this type of work. If contaminated soil is encountered during the removal process, ECS can insure that the material is disposed of or treated on-site in a cost-effective manner and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. If a tank must be abandoned in place, ECS is equipped to conduct this abandonment in a safe, comprehensive manner.


Due to changing industry standards and technologies, tank installation in today’s regulatory environment requires highly-skilled, knowledgeable personnel and access to the latest in equipment design. With nearly 30 years experience in the tank purchasing and installation industries, ECS is well equipped to handle installations in a variety of situations. Utilizing a variety of standards, including PEI, NFPA, API, fire marshal and local electrical codes, ECS can install both above-ground and below-ground tanks to conform with strict regulatory requirements. Whether its steel or fiberglass or concrete, lined or unlined, double-wall or single-wall, ECS can install the full range of tanks, piping and monitoring systems to take the worry out of fuel delivery systems.

Testing tanks and Fuel quality

ECS conducts integrity testing to insure that existing tank systems are not leaking and are in compliance with industry standards regarding corrosion and useful life. ECS can conduct both precision tests and a method known as a Tank Environmental Profile (TEP). The precision test monitors the tightness of the existing system, while the TEP detects the degree of corrosion of steel tanks and piping. The results of these tests help determine the degree of corrective action which must be used to bring a tank system into compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

In addtion, we have local labs available for us to sample the fuel and quickly trun around the results to detirmine the quality and usefulness of the diesel fuel.

Cathodic Protection Installation

If an existing steel tank system is determined through testing to be insufficient, ECS can install a cathodic protection system around the tank system to insure that it will not continue to corrode. Naturally occurring corrosion processes can destroy a steel tank system, and a cathodic protection system is designed to alter the electrical field surrounding a tank and its piping to prevent such corrosion.


Underground tank systems that are determined to be sound yet not in compliance with regulatory requirements may simply require retrofitting such as spill and overfill protection, replacement of single wall piping with double-wall piping, and installation of tank monitoring systems. ECS can perform these activities.

Service Stations and hospitals

Owning and operating a facility has become much more complicated in recent years due to new environmental regulations. ECS can help a facility owner decide how to best upgrade his or her facilities to meet these regulations while at the same time capitalizing on the changing needs of consumers. Whether its simply bringing a tank into compliance, upgrading a facility to take advantage of changing technologies, or constructing new tank installations. ECS can work with clients to capitalize on the continued growth of this proven market.

On-Site Treatment of Contamination

Depending on the type and extent of petroleum contamination, ECS can provide services ranging from remediation system design to installation and ongoing monitoring. Technologies include (but are not limited to) groundwater pump and treat systems, air sparge/soil vapor extraction, in-situ bioremediation, and above-ground soil venting.

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We offer a wide variety of products and services targeting medical care providers and look forward to serving your every purchasing needs .

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