Environmental Services

Enercon Construction Services (ECS) is an environmental management, consulting and construction firm providing a broad range of services to industrial, institutional and public clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

These services range from consulting, phase 1 and phase 2 site assessment projects along with construction services in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments, service stations and traditional general construction management.The strength of ECS lies in its ability to work with local, state and federal regulatory agencies to insure that its clients comply with environmental regulations while providing clients with cost-effective solutions.

Our Mission

Whether this involves ongoing operations and maintenance functions within industrial complexes, responding to emergencies, or executing planned construction projects on tight timetables and budgets, ECS has a track record of success with its clients. Mauris convallis dapibus auctor. Integer in egestas lorem. In nulla dolor, sollicitudin vitae sollicitudin quis, viverra at lorem.

While the terms “turn-key” and “one-stop shopping” are often overused among the construction and development industry, ECS prides itself on offering its clients the ability to handle a wide range of needs through one phone call. Busy managers take comfort in knowing that they can pick up the phone and call ECS to get any number of circumstances handled. This comes from ECS’ combined decades of experience in the environmental and construction industry and knowledge in the “ins and outs” of getting the job done quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively for the client.

Services Overview

We offer a wide variety of products and services targeting medical care providers and look forward to serving your every purchasing needs .

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Address:Purchasing & Consulting Group
P.O. Box 638 Bear, DE 19701
Office: 888-958-0454
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E-mail: dwlentz48@aol.com