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Foxfire products were created from years of experience of working as a contractor in the concrete masonry construction industry and out of the company’s need for products to protect new concrete and masonry and the need to restore and maintain existing concrete and masonry that had been damage by time and weather. Foxfire’s water-based penetrating sealers protect your concrete and masonry from the damage caused by water, acids, salts, oil, and a variety of organic stains. They also prevent or delay problems resulting from efflorescence, freeze/thaw, mold and mildew, concrete dusting, and spalling.

Foxfire attacks the problem from an entirely different approach as we do not temporarily cover up the problems. The Foxfire solution starts by treating the concrete and masonry with Foxfire’s water-base penetrating sealers and water repellent to achieve a stable internal concrete or masonry mass. Foxfire’s integrated product solutions make a difference that can be seen.

Foxfire P-1007 has been used in many projects involving fish and animals.

The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX (5-6 yrs ago) first used P-1007 in the Reptile House to seal the water ponds and prevent the water from the ponds from seeping onto the viewing area floor which was lower. The reptile area stone floor was built higher that the stone floor of the viewing area. The reptile area stone floor and water ponds were sealed with Foxfire P-1007 and the water seepage stopped. Since that first project the Cameron Park Zoo has used Foxfire P-1007 on numerous other areas and projects.

The Washington DC Zoo has also used Foxfire P-1007 to seal an old leaking concrete tank that was being used to house some sensitive rare shrimp. The concrete tank was cleaned and Foxfire P-1007 was applied. That was approximately 2 yrs ago. The zoo officials have not noticed any effect on the shrimp. Another project was the Bear Pits at Baylor University in Waco, TX. The university houses several bears on the campus since that is their mascot. The stone sleeping dens for the bears were constructed underneath their lounging stone water ponds. The water from the ponds was severely seeping through the stone and concrete into their sleeping dens. Foxfire P-1007 was used to seal the cracks, voids and capillaries and water has ceased to seep into the bear sleeping dens. The bears are now happy sleepers.

Foxfire P-1007 has also been used to seal many Koi and other fish ponds and water gardens that were loosing water due to cracks and voids.

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